Should voters be worried about election security?

HOUSTON - The general election is around the corner on November 6, and it appears voters are a little skeptical about the security of their voter. This happens after several U.S. agencies found the 2016 election had foreign interference and meddling.

Chris Bronk, a Systems Professor with the University of Houston, encourages voters to still turn out, "The idea that my vote is going to be hacked so why bother is not a good argument."

National Security Advisor John Bolton says that meddling in the elections will not be tolerated, the federal government has small role in the process since elections are administered by state and local governments.

Bronk says there is a simple solution to hacking. He says, "Leaders in voting security, and one of them is right here in our city at Rice University, Dan Wallach, have repeatedly said they are leery of computerized systems and would prefer a paper solution."

The last thing a voter should have to worry about when casting a ballot is whether or not it will hacked.

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