MeToo movement hits anniversary and faces backlash

The #MeToo movement had its one year anniversary, but it’s also facing consequences and backlash it may not have anticipated.

The movement has encouraged websites where victims can claim sexual assault and name the person they say attacked them without any evidence to back it up. It's something that concerns political analyst Jacquie Baly, who has two sons in college.

“Evidence doesn’t matter to some people. I told my sons to be aware of their surroundings and cognizant at all times,” Baly said.

Baly says the #MeToo movement is going to see backlash soon, and it might actually hurt women.

“There will be missed opportunities for women,” Baly explained. “No longer will men feel they can mentor and partner with women because of false accusations.”

The first anniversary of the movement just passed with more than 425 prominent men accused of some sort of harassment. That’s more than one new accusation every day for the last year.

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