Commercials dominating midterm campaign season

The midterm campaign is in full swing, and when you sit down to watch television you definitely notice it with all the commercials you are exposed to. And that is definitely the case here in Houston.

There are two races being featured; the Ted Cruz-Beto O'Rourke race for Senate and the Congressional race between John Culberson and Lizzie Fletcher. Republican strategist Jessica Colon told KTRH there's a lot of money being spent on these campaigns.

“There are millions and millions of dollars being spent on these races, probably more than 10 million dollars,” Colon said.

A lot of that money is coming from outside Texas, which is legal. So how have these ads changed over the years? Colon explains that the message of the ads haven’t changed, but the game certainly has.

“What has changed are political action committees and third party groups having a lot of money to spend on a campaign and go at it even harder,” Colon explained.

So the more money they have, the more time they can buy, and the more ads you see.

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