Shootout, drive-by at south side Pappadeaux's leaves one dead

Houston Police are searching for three men likely involve in two separate incidents. seen driving off in a red Lincoln Navigator. The vehicle has chrome rims and chrome stripes. Police say it was likely involved in two incidents they are currently investigating. 

It was around 2:45pm Saturday afternoon at the Pappadeaux restaurant on the South Loop when three men were seen jumping out of the vehicle and started shooting at another person in the parking lot of the restaurant. No one was injured that time. 

Then about a half hour later, the same vehicle was seen in the 6800 Cullen, also on the south side of Houston.

That was where Houston Police say the men jumped out of the vehicle, opened fire on four men at a gas station. One of the men was shot and killed inside the car. Three other men were injured outside the vehicle near a gas pump.

They are still hospitalized. One is in critical condition.

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