Khabib Jumps UFC Fence in Las Vegas after defeating McGregor, Mayhem Erupts

The highly anticipated fight of the weekend was the UFC match between Khabib and McGregor. 

The two have had a standing rivalry since McGregor attacked Khabib's bus in Brooklyn back in April. He slammed a steel dolly at it in attempt to provoke a fight with Khabib that time.

Saturday night, Khabib proved to be a better fighter and won.

But that win came in question when after McGregor tapped out, Khabib hopped over the octagon fence and attacked a member of Conor's team, who was in the audience. 

It spark of outrage caused a feud of fury outside as well as inside the ring. McGregor too, was attacked by people who entered the stage from the audience. 

Here are some of the most vivid moments from the scene inside.

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