Trump's Love-Hate Relationship with the Media

We're always talking about President Donald Trump's daily battles with the media, now some historians liken it to Ronald Reagan's presidency, yet Reagan is considered one of the best presidents the country has ever seen.

“Reagan dealt with it by really smartly orchestrating his moments in time in order to be creative enough for the media to capture it and carry his message.  Trump on the other hand, decided to make the mainstream media his enemy and to get his message out on his own,” says John Heubusch, author and executive director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute.

“It's far different than Reagan's time, it seems like three or four fights are picked a day between the two, and that's just fine by Trump,”he says.  “He uses the media as a foil, he uses the media to consolidate his base and to gain more voters.”

Heubusch says the biggest difference is Trump's use of social media, which in turn benefits mainstream media outlets.

“Trump is able to use the media to not only get his message out, but to use it as the enemy to gain votes, and the media uses Donald Trump as the headline of every story every single day and it's drawing eyeballs and improving their financial bottom line.”

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