Tips for dealing with seasonal allergies

HOUSTON - Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies and Texans are no stranger to them as well as high ragweed pollen levels descend around the Bayou City. 

Dr. Dat Tran is an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Houston. He suggests people make sure they are suffering from seasonal allergies before assuming that they are since they could be suffering from pet dander, dust mites or from mold.

Dr. Tran also points out that antihistamines may no longer work as well because the human body will start breaking down the medicine too fast to effect the allergy, thus needing a higher dosage, or he explains another possibility, "The other way is that your body may make more receptors so there is more that the drug has to block out and the drug is no longer effective."

He, also, suggests people to take their anti-allergy medication at night because it will be more effective for them.

Just when you have seasonal allergies under control, flu season is right around the corner.

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