iPhone shortcut can discreetly record police encounters

A new feature for iPhone is an app called Shortcuts, through which users can combine multiple apps that can be activated by pressing a button or using Siri.

One shortcut, developed by Robert Petersen of Arizona, is called Police, and it is intended to monitor and record interactions with law enforcement.

For example, a user can say, "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over." The program will then pause any music that might be playing, turn down the iPhone's brightness, turn on the "do not disturb" mode, and start recording the front-facing camera.

It also sends a text to a predetermined contact to tell them you've been pulled over. Once recording stops, it can text or email the video to any designated contact and save it to Dropbox.

There's no word on how many people have downloaded the shortcut, but it's the third most-popular post on a subreddit covering shortcut recipes. If you have the Shortcuts app installed, you can download Police here. It's now on version 1.4, with bug fixes and support for additional services.

Petersen says that reaction to the shortcut has been mostly positive. He says some people have told him they want to adapt it to other potentially dangerous situations.

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