Drivers say the Pay certainly isn’t Uber

In years past, some Uber drivers made a pretty good living, but now a report suggests they'd be better off working at an Amazon warehouse.

YouTuber Marc Freccero says he had to give up driving for Uber and Lyft.

"You make three times less now as a driver than you did a couple of years ago; and that's true of all ridesharing drivers."

Freccero says there's no benefit to seniority.

"If you drive for them for a year or two years or five years you make the same amount as someone who just started fresh that day."

Freccero says you have to do your taxes as an independent contractor, meaning instead of a refund in April, you'll owe the IRS.

"Your taxes get a lot more difficult because you'll be itemizing a lot of your deductions. It's not like you have a standard deduction if you have a W2 or something like that. This can get very tricky and I always advice ridesharing drivers to have a tax accountant."

In Houston the average for Uber drivers is $8.67 an hour. In New York, Uber drivers average nearly $22 an hour. The report says the national median average is just under $15 an hour.

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