Clock is ticking on voter registration in Texas

HOUSTON - Both political parties in Harris County are making last ditch efforts to get voters registered before the deadline comes and goes on Tuesday, October 9.

Odus Evbagharu, Communications Director for Harris County Democratic Party, says, "People are ready to go, they're chomping at the bit to go vote because they know the importance of having change. We recognize, especially as democrats, that it all starts here in Harris County. We're ground zero for turning Texas blue and if we turn Texas blue, the country turns blue."

Vlad  Davidiuk, Communications Director for Harris County Republican Party, agrees about the importance of this midterm election saying, "The stakes in the election are so high, it's difficult to remain on the sidelines and people have become actively involved and engaged. Voters are increasingly aware of the upcoming elections, but the significance that they play and we're seeing almost universally, people are very excited and eager to vote."

Here are some tips on what to do to get registered in Harris County:

The general election in November 6.

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