Houston Loves Complaining About Neighbors

For the record, Houston is not the worst city in America when it comes to complaining about the people living next door.

But we’re in the top 10!

A survey conducted by Digital Third Coast with Craftjack finds Houston ranks ninth in the nation among major U.S. metropolitan areas most inclined to complain about neighbors. 

  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • Austin
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Phoenix
  • Columbus
  • San Antonio
  • Detroit

Texas has four of the top fifteen.  Houston leads everyone else when it comes to complaining about loud noise, and are second in complaining about loud parties.  Smelly pets and leaving holiday decorations up are also pet peeves.

Among the most confrontational cities, where people prefer to settle their differences face-to-face rather than texting or leaving a note, we rank third.  San Antonio is number one.

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