Distracted driving still happening in TX despite law against texting

HOUSTON - We've all pulled up to a stop light or been stuck in traffic in Texas and seen some driver feverishly pecking away on their phone. This shouldn't be happening nowadays since texting and driving was outlawed in Texas in September of 2017.

Even though it's against the law, people continue to use their smartphones while driving. It might not be texting even though a recent poll by DriversEd.com found 54% of drivers admit to having sent a text while behind the wheel.

Tony Ubez is an instructor with Road Ready Driving School in Houston and he says he sees drivers get smacked from behind by distracted drivers all the time. 

"What you can control is what you’re doing. You really can’t control what other people are doing. You can’t influence them, you can’t talk to anybody who is distracted on the phone or who is texting or who is doing something, so what you can do is control what you are doing and stay safe on the road. Distracted driving is not only texting, but a lot more things like eating while driving, playing with gadgets such as making phone calls or playing with the radio," said Ubez.

In 2015, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 400,000 people were injured in accidents involving a distracted driver.

So, please put the phone down! Otherwise, you might have to use the phone to call in an accident!

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