Democrats may regret going after Kavanaugh

What the Democrats tried to do to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in September may come back to bite them in November, when Americans head to the polls.

By doing what they did and trying to derail his confirmation, Democrats may have infuriated and activated Republicans that may have stayed home for the midterms. Melissa Mackenzie at the American Spectator says Republicans haven't been this fired up in a while.

“I have never seen people so outraged in my life. I was really concerned that Republicans wouldn’t come out,” she said.

But recent polling shows 80% of Republicans now consider the midterms very important. In July that number was only 68%. Hans von Spakovsky at the Heritage Foundation says the Democrats may have lost the independent vote.

“They don’t like seeing screaming, yelling protesters inside Senate hearings. They don’t believe it’s right to be cornered in bathrooms at airports,” he explained.

Speaking of the Heritage Foundation, they have delivered petitions to Senators who are said to be on the fence about Kavanaugh with over 50,000 signatures supporting the judge.

Judge Kavanaugh

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