Can Ford’s Crown be taken?

The truck wars are on! Ford, Dodge and Chevy are battling for top sales in not just toughness but luxury.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says Texas is the king of luxury pickups.

"I've seen two, three, four year old trucks at dealerships today that have never had anything in the bed; I mean it's just transportation."

The Ford F150 has been top dog for more than 40 years but Reynolds says that could change, at least in the luxury truck market.

"The 2019 Ram is the quietest, best riding truck I've ever been in. You would not have any idea you were in a truck by the ride."

Buyers are routinely spending 50 to 60 grand for pickups these days and there are some approaching $90-thousand.

But Texans still love the hard working pickup and in that segment, Reynolds says the F150 will probably retain its title as sales champ.

"Ford's been the number one selling truck in America for 44 straight years and what that tells you is people who buy 'em buy 'em again and again and I think it's because they do last so long and because they are such tough trucks."

Pickups remain the only segment where mainstream domestic brands dominate, with the Ford F150 continuing as the best-selling model among all vehicle types in the U.S.

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