Social media may prevent intelligent thought

We all have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Maybe we spend too much time on those accounts. And if we do, a new study says there might be an unintended negative consequence.

A new study shows that seeing your friends on social media posting about hanging out with other friends while you weren't invited could impact cognitive ability. Michael Stefanone at the University of Buffalo was part of the study and explained how this works.

“It does inhibit intelligent thought. You start to self-regulate and tell yourself that everything is fine. That chews up your mental horsepower,” Stefanone said.

In other words, you sit there obsessing and depressed over not hanging out with your friends. Therapist Mary Jo Rapini says she believes the research is correct, and has a possible solution.

“Taking a social media absence helps you minimize your depression and anxiety. It gives you an overall well-being feeling,” Rapini explained.

Rapini also said she tells her clients to take an hour break from social media every day, and then gradually work up to two hours without social media. After that the goal is to spend an entire afternoon without it.

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