If you hate the news you should blame television

So you say you don’t like watching the news. You might be one of those people that avoid the news completely. You’re not alone, and now you might be able to blame someone for it.

According to Jack Lule, a journalism professor at Lehigh University who writes for The Hill, the fingers of blame should be pointed squarely at the folks who bring the news to you; the television networks.

“Television news has become, because of the economic marketplace today, an entertainment vehicle. People aren’t watching to be informed. They are watching to be entertained,” Lule explained

Some people are entertained by the arguing they see on the screen. Some people like the happy talk. But Lule says there's a trend developing that is positive for you, but one that might hurt television down the road.

“Television itself is starting to fade a little bit in our digital era, with people having access to more information,” Lule said.

And that information comes from digital sources, and Lule says that will take away from some of TV's dominance.

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