Eric Holder Group Investing in Texas Dems

Farewell Ceremony Held For Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder At Justice Dept.

Former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder is again trying to control how Texans vote at the ballot box.

Holder is leading a group called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which has committed $250,000 to flip GOP districts in the Texas House.

“It was Eric Holder and the attorney general's office who came and filed all the federal lawsuits that ultimately were not successful, so now what he hasn't been able to do through the courts he's going to try to do as an activist at the ballot box,” says Jared Woodfill, president of the Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC.

“It just shows you how partisan the Obama White House was when you have the former attorney general now coming into Texas to try to substantially influence our elections results and the way our lines are drawn,” he says.

Most of the GOP-held districts are in North Texas, in areas where Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

“Every ten years at least, some liberal Democrat like Eric Holder comes in and tries to buy election results in the form of changing the districts,” says Woodfill.

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