Study finds Americans no longer eat three meals a day

A new study finds that nearly three-quarters of Americans no longer eat a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner because they don’t have time, opting instead, to snack.

Other reasons: lack of patience to prep and cook; always being on the go and health.

Kelsey Seybold’s Dr. Christine Le said forgetting a meal might make you snack even more because you're so hungry.

“They may have such a large dinner or an extremely late dinner, that their body may not have time to burn the calories off and that may cause more weight gain,” said Le.

Peak snack time fell between one and four pm, with most people replacing lunch with a snack.

Le added breakfast is still considered the best meal of the day. People who eat breakfast tend to weigh less.

She said try to balance out your meals.

“Three meals does seem like a good idea. But, if a person doesn’t have time for that, snacks are great, but, try to make them healthy snacks,” said Le.

Millennials were most likely to abandon three meals a day, preferring microwavable snacks (mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, sliders, pizza bites and potato skins), rather than healthy options (cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, nuts or yogurt.

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