Katy’s first ever T.E.A.M. send-off happens TODAY

New recruits from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines will all be participating in Katy's first ever military sendoff celebration at 2 pm TODAY, at the Second Baptist Church - West Campus.

This helps support new military recruits leaving for boot camp.

Texans Embracing America’s Military, or T.E.A.M., founder Ralph Oliver said a recruiter will step to the podium and announce the recruits name one by one and their military branch.

“When they see all those people that show up to support them, first of all it gives them all a morale boost and they’re not thinking of backing out, plus it also shows the parent that, ‘wow I didn’t know that the community really supported us that much’,” said Oliver.

The recruit will receive a token of appreciation from the community. After the ceremony, the attendees will form a receiving line where all the recruits will receive applause, handshakes, and hugs.

Oliver wants the community to show up to help new military recruits mind-set.

“They look out there and they see all of those people standing there and go ‘oh my gosh, I would’ve never thought that these people would support what I’m doing’,” said Oliver. “Going into the military, first of all, is a very sacrificing decision to do, especially a lot of kids that will say, ‘hey, I’m skipping college to serve my country’.”

He said military men and women didn’t have this in the past.

“If you talk to Vietnam, Korean War and even World War II veterans, they will say, ‘I wish they would’ve did that for us when we went to boot camp’,” said Oliver.

The event is free and open to the public.

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