Houston Sex ‘Robot Brothel’ causing backlash

The ‘robot brothel’ that is scheduled to open up in the Galleria area is causing a lot of controversy.

The business - KinkySdollS - would give you a half hour alone with a robot sex doll. They've already opened one brothel in Toronto. But Mayor Sylvester Turner is pushing back on it. So are lawmakers like City Council Member Michael Kubosh.

“I see this as plastic prostitution,” Kubosh said, adding he agrees with Mayor Turner’s call to regulate the business.

Dave Welch with the Houston Area Pastor's Council told KTRH this simply dehumanizes women.

“It’s another sign of the age we live in. It is shocking,” Welch stated.

As of now the brothel is set to open early in October. We reached out to KinkySdollS, but they did not respond to us.

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