Now #MeToo is coming for what you think

The #MeToo movement has been looking to demonize the people who have committed sexual harassment for over a year. Now it’s going beyond those who just commit the harassment.

Now, if you defend someone who has been accused, or give them a platform to defend themselves you become a target yourself. Former Texas State Representative Steve Toth told KTRH it gives people who want to defend their friends a reason to stay quiet.

“It has a chilling effect on the First Amendment and doing what’s right. It will absolutely cause you to be more reticent about standing up,” Toth said.

And at the end of the day, Toth says #MeToo doesn't care about basic rights like free speech.

“This validates everything that we have been saying about the left for the last twenty years,” Toth explained. “The Constitution, Bill of Rights, due process means nothing to them.”

Not only does Toth feel like ti will keep people who want to defend friends quiet, it may keep other sexual harassment and assault victims quiet, too.

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