PHOTO: Who says?! Houston Astros Fans Want to Know Who Scolded Chloe

A few days ago, this woman told a little girl "ENOUGH" as she cheered for the Houston Astros. The girl,  Chloe was recently diagnosed with disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, a rare disorder called DMDD. 

She doesn't get to scream at home so her parents take her to events like Astros games where screaming and cheering is encouraged by the masses.  

So when one fan turned to Chloe and told her "enough," the video went viral and now Houstonians want to know who the identity of the woman behind the scolding.

Here's her photo... 

The incident might have gone unnoticed altogether if one of the Astros himself, hadn't reacted, siding with Chloe. 

In the same turn of events, Academy Sports and Outdoors wants to give the girl free Astros gear to wear to the games... That the Astros have now invited her to, as their guest at game 1 at Minute Maid Park during ALDS.

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