Texas shows national Republicans how to win again


If national Republicans want to prevent the ‘blue wave’ that the mainstream media insists is coming in November, they might want to look at how we operate here in Texas.

Especially when Pete Flores flipped a district that hadn't gone Republican in 139 years by winning a special election to replace Carlos Uresti in the Texas Senate. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong told KTRH other state Republican parties are calling for advice.

“People always ask us what we are doing in Texas. We tell them that we are a very grassroots state,” Armstrong said.

Which is how Flores campaigned, literally door to door. Armstrong also says the fundamentals of this election help Republicans more than Democrats.

“This is a contrast election. Contrast elections are favorable for us. We have clear conservative policies that are being offered and clear liberal policies that are being offered. They actually aren’t liberal policies. They are socialist,” Armstrong explained.

In other words, the blue wave CNN and MSNBC keep talking about might actually wind up being a red wave.

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