Houston Mother Flags Down Police After Allegedly Beating Her 2YO To Death

A local mom is behind bars for allegedly committing crimes against her own children. 

Police say Shandrika Mack is being charged with killing her 2-year-old and injuring the toddler's, 1-year-old sister. Mack reportedly flagged down police to get help at the location in the 5700 block of Rampart in southwest Houston. 

When they stopped to see what was going on, meds reported the woman's youngest had a "fractured arm, severe liver laceration, multiple skull fractures, a black eye and multiple contusions from her head to her toes." The 1-year-old spent a week in ICU. 

Official court records show that 2-year-old Kaliyah Mack died from "blunt trauma of the torso, head, and neck." Medical examiners also deemed the cause of death for 2-year-old Kaliyah Mack suffered a large cut to her spleen and liver, which resulted in internal bleeding.  

Authorities say Mack is blaming Robindell Private School, the children's daycare for causing the injuries via carpet burns. However the school told police the youngest arrived at daycare with a black eye. The school reported Mack signed a document that blames the injury on a fall.

The mother told police during an interview that she had a live-in beau at the time. That's also where police learned she'd left her babies in his care for several occasions. He is not in custody locally, but was extradited to Mississippi where is facing alleged involvement in armed robbery. 

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