Disturbing trend: college students can't find stamps to send in their absen

It's reported that some Gen Z and the last of the millennials, who are students in Virginia, but want to vote in their home district, are being tricked by where to buy the elusive postage stamps.

Rice University political scientist professor Mark Jones said mail-in ballots aren't used that much in Texas, except for mostly the 65 and older group.

He said it's something that requires a little extra effort.

“It’s a sad indictment of millennials and post-millenials that they don’t know where to buy postage stamps,” said Jones.

He said while they are able to request mail-in ballots, they just can't figure out where to get stamps to mail them in.

“If a student can’t figure out where to find a stamp, then maybe shouldn’t be voting, because I can’t imagine that they would really be making all that great a choice in terms of the candidates they select,” said Jones.

<PSI_END_OBJECT>He said without postage, USPS will most likely deliver it to the local election office and charge the county.

Colorado and Oregon voting is done by mail-in ballot. It’s also very popular in California.

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