Houston area could have a population of 10 million by 2040

We all know the Houston area is growing. But, a new set of research numbers shows that growth will explode over the next couple of decades.

Our population as of 2015 was at six million people. Metro Next says that number will be ten million by 2040. Sociologist Stephen Klineberg at Rice told KTRH it is possible.

“We are still a city with open spaces and it is relatively inexpensive compared to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. This is an area where growth is going to occur,” Klineberg said.

Businessman and former Houston Mayoral candidate Bill King told KTRH he's not sure about the numbers from Metro Next, but knows if they are right that traffic will be even worse than it is right now.

“It’s pretty clear that our current roadway system doesn’t handle the existing traffic very well. Any increase is going to be problematic,” King said. 

Metro Next says on our way to ten million, we will hit the eight million mark right around 2025.

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