POLL: Millennials blamed for killing office dress codes

A new report blames Millenials for trading corporate dress codes for casual Friday all week long.

Millennials grew up knowing start-up millionaires can be successful in hoodies and sneakers. So, why can’t they have that same atmosphere day to day?

Leadership expert Bobby Albert said in the workplace, millennials are looking for something more than perks, especially in a tight labor market.

“’Do you care for me? Do I belong here? Can I contribute towards the goals of the organization? Does this company stand for something? And, do you create a learning environment that I can do best job that I can do,” said Albert.

He said the week-long casual dress code might be an attempt to appeal to millennials.

“Some companies are having to look at their dress code to attract the millennials especially. They’re trying to be more competitive,” said Albert.

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