Meet the ‘lawnmower parents’

You know about helicopter parents, but there is another type of parent out there; one that is taking what helicopter parents do to extremes you would not believe.

They are ‘lawnmower parents,’ and they've been in the national spotlight ever since a teacher went online to vent about a parent that interrupted class to deliver their teenager an insulated water bottle.

“This is something that has evolved. We’ve come a long way from the days when our parents wouldn’t have delivered us a water bottle because we shouldn’t have forgotten it,” parenting expert Maria Luce explained.

Luce tells KTRH these 'lawnmower parents' will go to extremes to prevent their children from facing any adversity whatsoever.

“This has grown out of our culture of wanting to be perfect. To be honest with you, I think it reflects on the parent,” Luce said.

And it could set your children up for failure down the road, because Luce says kids have to learn how to deal with adversity or even failure.

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