Houston commute is getting longer

As you talk yourself into getting ready for another morning of sitting in rush hour traffic, the Census Bureau is here to tell you that your commute isn’t getting any easier.

According to the Census, Houston drivers spend 27.3 minutes going to work every day. Tim Lomax at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute tells KTRH this shouldn't surprise you.

“You’ve got more people on the roads, there’s more traffic, and we haven’t added capacity, either transit or roads, to handle that,” Lomax explained.

Only two Texas cities fared worse than Houston; Fort Worth and Garland. And Lomax says another reason for our traffic problems is construction.

“Constriction means extra travel time. At any given time you have seven or eight big roads under construction in the area,” Lomax stated.

The nation spent an extra two and a half hours in traffic last year overall. And the worst commute was in New York. If there is a silver lining, Houston didn't make the top ten for slowest commutes.

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