Trump economy benefiting rural areas, too

The Trump economy continues to boom, and it’s not just on display in big cities, either. Small town America is benefiting, too.

According to the Brookings Institution, employment growth in some counties that voted for Trump had 5.1% employment growth at one point this year. That is up from 4.3% in 2016. Vance Ginn with the Texas Public Policy Institute says here in Texas the story is probably even better than that thanks to the Trump economic policies.

“Regulatory reform and tax cuts have helped to bring about more economic growth in Texas, whether it’s in rural areas or not,” Ginn stated. 

The left likes to say Trump just inherited all of this from Barack Obama, but political consultant Bill Miller told KTRH the facts say something different.

“The Obama era regulations had really dampened investor enthusiasm and employment opportunities. Overall you have to give Trump about 80-85% of the credit,” Miller explained.

And that the volume and prosperity you see today in any Texas oil field you go to just wasn't there under Obama two years ago.

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