Mainstream media frames Trump as a hothead

If you still need proof that the mainstream media is biased against President Trump, just listen to the words they use to describe him.

The Media Research Center did just that, watching at every network nightly news broadcast from January until last week. Curtis Houck with Newsbusters tells KTRH the coverage revealed something about the prejudice of the mainstream media.

“They’re using words like ‘furious,’ ‘fuming,’ ‘outrage,’ ‘venting,’ ‘lashing out,’ ‘spoiling for a fight,’ and ‘going ballistic,’” Houck said.

Houck says Trump has been described as 'angry' 185 times this year, about 20 times per month. In the meantime, the man Trump replaced, Barack Obama, got much different treatment from the 'objective' media.

“When Obama would get angry and lash out, the media would talk about the Republicans,” Houck stated.

The Media Research Center says ABC's newscasts accounted for more than half of this kind of language, and in their research, Trump was only classified as 'calm' once.

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