Texas has a Texas sized voting problem

Texas has a problem when it comes to voting that you may not have heard about. Until now, that is. And it is a problem that is getting some national attention.

A review of the elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016 by the data analysis firm Votistics found duplicate registered voters and multiple votes. Logan Churchwell with the Public Interest Legal Foundation tells KTRH this is a problem; a very big problem.

“These are vulnerabilities in the list themselves,” Churchwell said. “There are weaknesses in how the list’s maintenance system is run on a daily basis.”

And PILF is very interested in these numbers since they are suing Harris County over data related to noncitizen voting.

“When you see duplicates start to stack up, and people with implausibly old dates of birth on the roll, what you are seeing is a county that feels the law doesn’t require them to look for duplicates,” Churchwell explained.

The Votistics research found in 2016 that 800 people older than the age of 100 had voted in person. The lawsuit by PILF against Harris County is awaiting a ruling from a judge to see if it can continue.

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