Parents Clash with Santa Fe ISD Board

There were testy exchanges between parents and school board members in the Santa Fe ISD at their Monday meeting...

"I'm personally here to ask each and every one of the three to remove your name from the ballot or resign tonight... We won't let it go."

Some parents wore shirts with the letter "F", the grade they're giving the board for their handling of campus safety.  Rosa Stone, whose son Chris was killed in the massacre last May, brought the ashes of her son to the meeting...

"All I have is my son here in my bag because safety was not an issue and that's a big deal for me.”

Others are calling for board members to resign.  Another threat was made against the campus earlier this school year, but criminal charges were not pursued.

"Stop victimizing our children by being lazy and taking the high road.  Protect them like they're your own -- because they are."

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