Pair of Tropical Systems Could Threaten Texas Coast

As the Atlantic coast braces for Hurricane Florence, weather watchers also are keeping an eye on other developments in the tropics -- possibly two systems that could impact Texas over the next couple weeks.

The first system to look out for is Invest 95L, which remains somewhat disorganized over the Yucatan, but could add to our flooding concerns if it continues moving north.

“As it drifts forward to the west-northwest, temperatures over the western Gulf are quite a bit above normal for this time of year, so it can very well support additional development,” says David Dilley at Global Weather Oscillations.

“The system will bring more rain into the area.  It looks like it will be at least a tropical storm as it approaches Texas and probably making landfall around the mid-coast of Texas.”

Dilley believes Tropical Storm Isaac could be a bigger threat, showing signs of possibly becoming another Harvey.

“The European model takes it into the Caribbean, and then it loses it as it fades out,” he says.  “The NOAA model still maintains a little bit of identity as it gets to the Yucatan.”

“Harvey was a storm that came across the Lesser Antilles, then it faded away and couldn’t really find it, as it came across the Yucatan it lost all identity, but once it emerged back into the lower Gulf it blossomed into Hurricane Harvey.”

TS Isaac is still east of the Caribbean, so anything could happen over the next week.

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