Don’t Get the Flu!

flu season - flu shot (stock image)

If you're older than six months, it's time for your flu shot!  Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Pedro Piedra of the Baylor College of Medicine, says now is the time! “The time when kids go back to school is the beginning of the spread of the flu virus.  It starts there and then carries to homes and ultimately to the community.”

We saw 179 flu-related deaths last season. Although the flu season will peak in December - vaccines are ready for you now. Dr. Piedra says almost all of the children who died from the flu last season had not been immunized and everyone over 6 months should be.  The only prediction Piedra will make about this year's flu: “The only prediction that you can accurately make about the strength of a flu season is that what you predict will be wrong!”  He WILL predict this, “The only way to make sure you DON’T get deathly ill is to get vaccinated! 

Flu shots are available at places from your doctor's office to your grocery store.

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