The Obama Administration fudged deportation Numbers

Former President Obama

While deportations are up 9% this year, you might be surprised to hear that's still below the peak under the Obama Administration. But that's because President Obama was cooking the books.

Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies says democrats were fudging the deportation numbers.

"The President himself at the time admitted that they weren't really what they looked like."

Krikorian says those reported deportations didn't really happen.

"They were taking people who'd been arrested at the border, handing them over to ICE and then ICE would hand them back over to the Border Patrol and magically they were counted as deportations."

Krikorian says it's going to take a while to reach those early Obama years numbers, but this time they'll be real deportations.

"To detain and return that many people; that investment lagged under Obama and it takes time -- turning around an aircraft carrier isn't something you do immediately."

The Obama trickery fooled some Hispanic leaders who dubbed President Obama the "deporter-in-chief."

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