Some Southwest passengers may have been exposed to measles

Passengers on four Southwest Airlines flights between Dallas, Houston and Harlingen may have been exposed to the measles, according to the airline.

A passenger, since diagnosed with the highly contagious virus, was on these flights:

  • No. 5, between Dallas and Houston on Aug. 21
  • No. 9, between Houston and Harlingen on Aug. 21
  • No. 665, between Harlingen and Houston on Aug. 22
  • No. 44, between Houston and Dallas on Aug. 22

The airline, with help from the Centers for Disease Control, has been contacting passengers, and the Houston Health Department says it is assisting in investigating the measles case in a person from North Texas.

Authorities believe the patient did not leave the airport, staying in waiting areas for about an hour on each of the days. He or she apparently did not visit airport restaurants or other areas. Doctors say passengers who shared the plane with the patient were at greater risk of exposure than people in the airport.

Measles symptoms include rash, high fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes. Anyone who was on the flights and develops symptoms should contact a physician. The signs may appear as late as next Wednesday.

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