Blue collar workers happier than they were five years ago

Blue collar workers have a much better outlook than they did five years ago, under a new Harris poll.

According to that poll 55% of blue collar workers nationally say they are better off than they were in 2013 under then President Barrack Obama. On top of that, 85% say their lives are headed in the right direction. Patrick Jankowski with the Greater Houston partnership says we are seeing the same thing here at home.

“Five years ago the unemployment rate was still at 6.4%, and now it’s just over 4.4%. Employment in the Houston region is higher now than it has ever been before,” Jankowski explained.

Business consultant and best-selling author Garrison Wynn says this is a direct impact of the Trump economic policy, which has causes big gains on Wall Street and Main Street.

“When the stock market goes up, manufacturers feel good about themselves. They are impacted in a dramatic way,” Wynn told KTRH News.

Another couple of numbers from this poll; 86% of blue collar workers say they are satisfied with their jobs and 70% believe the American dream is alive for working and middle class America.

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