Republicans campaigning against Democrats and Hollywood

Democrats aren’t the only opponents Republicans have during the midterm campaign. Candidates running with an ‘R’ next to their names have to worry about celebrities as well.

What do Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel have in common? They have come out publicly in favor of candidates form the left. Robin Armstrong the RNC Committeeman from Texas told KTRH it's the latest in the Culture War President Trump has been fighting

“He’s been aggressive about calling them out over these issues. Because of that they are quite angry with him,” Armstrong explained.

And these Hollywood types want in on Texas business too. They've sided with Beto O'Rourke in the race against Ted Cruz. But Armstrong doesn't think that will help him at home.

“His values are extreme to the left and way out of touch with what we believe here in Texas. His values are out of touch Texas Democrats, frankly,” Armstrong said.

O'Rourke is scheduled to tape the 'Ellen' show today, and that will air this week.

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