A possible solution for social media bias

We have told you again and again about how social media is biased against conservatives. Well, there might actually be a solution for it.

And the solution, suggested in 'The American Thinker' is what they call the 'Civil Rights Act of 2019.' The idea is that legislation should be passed that would outlaw political discrimination online. Michael Johns of the National Tea Party Movement tells KTRH he isn't downplaying this idea at all.

“If ultimately social media is reaffirmed to be a platform and not a publisher then they are obligated to maintain access to free speech,” Johns explained.

Johns says that if you think about it, if this were happening to the left online, all hell would be breaking loose.

“Liberals at in great unity and with successful affect. They would target the outlet. They would have it boycotted,” Johns said.

But Johns also says while conservatives are usually right with policy, they don’t tend to fight back the way the left does.

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