Untitled Homeowners wonder how long their major appliances will last

Most likely appliances were made better back in the day. They had more metal parts, more durable and more mechanical controls.

KTRH's Texas Home Improvement host Jim Dutton said you also get what you pay for, and make sure you're actually comparing apples to apples.

“You buy one appliance at a regular appliance store and it’s got all brass fittings for the hookups and for the drain line. You go to a box store and you end up with plastic, yet you think you’re buying the same washing machine and it’s not,” said Dutton.

He said the average appliance lifespan ranges between 10-20 years.

Lifespans of different appliances vary on how we use and abuse them.

Dutton said the best way to extend the life of an appliance is to use it as recommended and do the routine maintenance.

“Refrigerators nowadays have filters on them. When it says it’s time to change the filter, change the filter. Your washing machines need to be cleaned out periodically. On the dryer, clean the lint catch every time you use it,” said Dutton.

He recommended a manufacturer's warranty on home appliance rather than a homeowners warranty.

Reportedly, appliances nowadays cost one third less than they used to, in proportion to average income.

Sears Home Services experts estimate appliance life expectancy:

Dishwashers: 10-13 years

Washers: 10-13 years

Dryers: 10-13 years

Oven ranges: 10-15 years

Refrigerators: 10 years


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