Poll: Illegal Immigration Major Concern for Voters

Illegal immigration remains one of the biggest concerns for voters heading into the midterm elections.

Polling by Rasmussen Reports shows illegal immigration is a top concern for nearly three out of four likely voters this year, but a majority say it's only a talking point by politicians to get elected.

“Voters want it fixed, it's across party lines, Republican and Democrat, and they continue to grow very weary of the rhetoric that surrounds the issue but no results are being yielded,” says Matt Langston, vice president of Axiom Strategies in Austin.

“It's not just illegals coming over, but there's a national security risk here, there's non-citizens registering to vote, drug and sex trafficking along, everything coming across the border are very hot topics.”

However, Rasmussen found Democrats are overwhelmingly more skeptical of politicians on the immigration debate. It may be why major news outlets would rather focus on Russia and impeachment, rather than immigration reform or border security.

“Anything anti-Trump drums up the viewership for a very liberal audience, but for the actual electorate, the voters, particular in a state like Texas, it's a big concern,” says Langston.

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