Donations sought for dog with life-threatening neck injuries

A dog found wandering a residential Houston street with a shoestring embedded around his neck and suffering from an apparently severe infection is now being cared for by veterinarians.

Nicknamed Gus by the Houston K911 Rescue group, the dog was first examined at the Vergi 24/7 emergency animal hospital. There, it was discovered he had been shot multiple times with a pellet gun. Doctors also found serious trachea damage caused by the shoestring.

Vets say the neck wound is very close to Gus' jugular vein and carotid artery. His lymphatic system has also been comprimised for an extended time, so very specialized care will be required at the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic in College Station.

The rescue group says on Facebook that Gus will have a long road to recovery, so they are accepting donations for his care.

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