Watch out—you might catch a divorce

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If everyone around you is getting a divorce talking about how they can't wait to get out, that could be contagious.

Brown University, Harvard University and the University of California at San Diego researchers found that you're 75 percent more likely to become divorced if a friend has divorced.

If a friend of a friend is divorced your odds of getting a divorce increase 33 percent.Divorce Attorney Jim Mueller said people are only talking about the problems, not the good or even solutions.

“It becomes a little bit of an atmosphere of ‘this is what’s wrong, and trust me the grass is greener, and it’s only going to get better if you get out of your current situation’,” said Mueller.

He said you should be supportive of friends going through divorce.

“You can hear them, you can listen to their situation, you can agree with what they’re saying, but it doesn’t mean you have to project that onto your marriage,” said Mueller.

He said it becomes the idea of everyone throwing in the towel together, so they won't be alone going through the divorce.

Mueller advised that couples should do everything possible to save the marriage before calling it quits.

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