POLL: Trump approval not impacted by Manafort, Cohen

President Donald Trump’s approval numbers have not been impacted by the conviction of former campaign chief Paul Manafort and the plea deal reached by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The approval number from an NBC News/Wall Street Journal was at 46% before last week, and it is at 44% after the Manafort and Cohen cases were resolved. Houston political consultant Joe Brettell told KTRH even though the mainstream media went on the attack, you are focused more on the economy.

“People feel pretty good things because the economy is good, and what you have is what you see in this poll,” Brettell stated.

Besides, the Trump base doesn't trust the media anyway. CNN still isn't taking back their report that said Trump knew about a meeting with Russians in 2016 that turned out to be false.

“They’ve admitted the story has been falsified. They refuse to give a retraction,” Brettell said.

And the next time the mainstream media says Trump's approval numbers are too low, keep in mind some of President Obama's approval numbers at the same stage of his Presidency were the same as Trump's.

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