NOAA Expects Hurricane Season to Heat Up in September


We're midway through the Atlantic hurricane season have yet to see anything major develop in the Gulf of Mexico, but forecasters are warning not to let our guard down.

In fact, things are heating up in the Atlantic, and the National Hurricane Center says we could see multiple storms in September.

“We're watching a tropical wave and area of low pressure that's rolled off the coast of Africa and the computer models are in pretty good agreement that's going to spin up into a tropical storm, maybe even a hurricane as we get into the Labor Day weekend,” says NOAA spokesman Dennis Feltgen.

“We've got three more months of the hurricane season to go and September is typically the most active month,” he says. “We will be seeing some storms forming, so if you haven't got your hurricane plan in place, now would be a good time to do it.”

Feltgen reminds those living on the Texas coast that both Rita and Ike were September storms. And a quiet season doesn't always end well.

“Alicia was one of only four named storms for the entire season, just four, and the season typically has a dozen of them,” he says.

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