There might now be proof Google has a liberal bias

So, you say you don’t really believe Google and social media has a bias against conservatives. You say that’s just talk. But maybe you’ll change your tune after you hear the results of this experiment.

It is really very simple. Go to Google, click on the news tab, type in 'Trump.' That's what Paula Bolyard of PJ Media did, and she told KTRH her results were shocking. She found that 96%of her Google results were from liberal websites like CNN.

“CNN appeared 21 times on that list. Fox was way, way down the list,” Bolyard said.

We tried it for ourselves and didn’t even get a result from Fox on the first page. The only link we got from a non-liberal website on the first page was from the Wall Street Journal. The President noticed this, and Tweeted about it, saying the situation will be addressed. What does that mean?

“I would ne be surprised if we saw hearings in the House about it, looking into alleged bias, and whether Google and Facebook are monopolies,” Bolyard explained.

Until then, Bolyard thinks conservative viewpoints will be surprised even more online.

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