Are Republicans preparing for life under a Democratic Congress?

Republicans say they are confident in keeping control of Congress, but they might be preparing for what happens if they don’t at the same time.

The GOP has reportedly put together a document outlining what Democrats will do should they win in November. The document lists all of the potential investigations; looking at Trump's tax returns, the Stormy Daniels payoff, and the list goes on and on. Sebastian Gorka was in the Trump White House as an advisor, and told KTRH this is all because Democrats have no other plan.

“They have no platform. They can’t argue against the President’s success, whether it’s crushing ISIS, whether it’s the incredible economy, or whether it’s the lowest unemployment number we’ve seen in generations,” Gorka explained.

It appears as if the left will try to stop Trump’s initiatives at every turn. But Gorka says Trump doesn't mind a fight.

“This is a man who doesn’t shy away from conflict. He embraces it. The Democrats don’t understand how he operates,” Gorka said, adding that if this is what the left wants to do, they're not going to like the outcome.

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