Really? A Four Day Work Week?!?

A four day work week could be coming to a job near you!

Workplace experts say good morale brings about good productivity, and having an extra day off every week certainly improves morale!  Jill Hickman of Jill Hickman Companies says it's a great idea on at least 2 levels.  “The research is showing that any practice that you can put into play – especially if it’s work/life balance related – is going to make a real big difference on your employees, not just on their retention, but also on their engagement.”

Hickman says that U S companies are losing 10,000 Baby Boomer employees a day, so attracting high-quality younger staff is especially important. “Boomers actually always hoped for some work/life balance. Millennials expect it! They really want to not just living to work – they’re working to live!”

If a four day work week doesn’t work for your company, Hickman suggests inviting a collaboration of ideas with all your staff to see what will work with your company.  Remember --- higher morale makes for better productivity.

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