A harsh Report on Cable TV Happiness

It seems there are three certainties; death, taxes and you hate your cable provider. In Consumer Reports' latest survey the major cable companies all got low marks. But analysts say it pays to haggle.

Consumer Reports' Jim Willcox says most consumers say the cable bill is too high.

"Probably the biggest one is the perceived value; they're paying too much for what they're getting."

Also, Willcox says no one likes to hear a guy with a thick accent insist he's Bill from Wichita.

"Customer service; I think there's some frustration when you call for customer service and you can't get a human being on the line; and also technical support."

The good news is Willcox says 70% of respondents haggled to get a better deal and 80% percent of those who did haggle say they got a better deal.

Cordcutters have tripled in the past five years and they now make up 11% of TV households.

Usually when people say cordcutting, they don't mean it, literally, because most of them still have a cord that connects to their ISP. Willcox says the wireless future may be 5g.

"With 5g I think we're really going to have to wait and see how robust it is; whether or not it's going to depend on your geographical area, as antennas do right now, or whether or not it's going to be exactly comparable to what you're getting with your wired broadband connection now."

In the survey most of the big cable companies get low marks from users, with the exception of Google Fiber, which isn't available yet in many places.

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